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High Quality Troybilt Lawn Parts and Equipment

TroyBilt has been manufacturing the greatest and latest in lawn and garden care since 1937. It all began with the introduction of the very first garden rototiller in the United States. It was considered to be a revolutionary tool to enthusiastic gardeners everywhere. Since that time the company has continued to create and build the highest quality in TroyBilt lawn parts and outdoor power equipment.

Since the time of the release of the first rototiller, TroyBilt has expanded into the lawn and garden care market selling lawn mowers, tillers, cultivators, trimmers, edgers, and much much more. For this great variety of equipment made by the company there is also a large need for Troybilt lawn parts custom made for the proper machine.

Finding and getting a part is relatively easy. TroyBilt dealers can order in a part for a customer if it is not in stock or the buyer can simply choose to buy it directly from the website. The website offers the ability to search for the correct part by both description of the part and by the part number.

As a popular outdoor power equipment manufacturer, TroyBilt works to provide their customers with the best information available on the market. This includes repair manuals so that mechanics and do-it-yourself repairmen can properly install or remove a part for repairing of the equipment.

Additionally, on the company website there are also videos explaining tips and advice for using equipment properly. There are stories and testimonials provided by customers to back up the claim of the TroyBilt brand that they produce some of the greatest products for gardening and ensuring a well cared for yard.

For spring, summer, fall, or winter, TroyBilt manufactures the right outdoor equipment for all seasons of the year. From mowing the lawn to cleaning up snow, TroyBilt provides its customers with nothing less than the best.

3 Reasons You Should Switch To A LED Grow Light

While many people who are new to indoor gardening are already making the choice to use an LED grow light in their garden, veteran gardeners have been much more reluctant to make this switch. In many cases this reluctance is simply due to the fact that these gardeners have become accustom to using more traditional types of grow lights. Unfortunately, this fear of stepping outside their comfort zone is preventing many of these gardeners from enjoying the many benefits which LED grow lights have to offer.

This is why I wanted to take a few minutes to clear up some of the confusion which some of these veteran gardeners may be experiencing in regards to these grow lights by offering you three of the top reasons why you should switch to a LED grow light for your indoor garden. Reason

1: Cost Efficiency An LED grow light is by far the most cost effective type of grow light that you can use in your indoor garden. In addition to the low purchase price of these lights, LED lights also use a minimal amount of electricity in order to operate properly. This means that you will be able to expect considerably smaller electric bills each and every month after making the switch to an LED light.

In fact, most gardeners find that the energy savings that these lights are able to offer easily pays for the light itself in just a matter of a few short months.As a result, many indoor gardeners have been able to expand their gardens due to the much lower cost of maintaining them. Reason

2: Safety Safety is the number one concern of virtually every indoor gardener. This means not only ensuring that your plants are safe, but that your indoor gardening equipment does not pose any risk to your house as a whole. Since an LED grow light burns at a much lower temperature than other grow lights, this type of grow light is able to offer you a much higher safety rating than any other grow light on the market today.

Not only do these lights pose a much lower risk of burns to your plants, but they will also all but eliminate the risk of fire within your home. This type of additional safety is something which you simply can not put a price tag on. In fact, many indoor gardeners have chosen to invest in new grow lights simply to be able to take advantage of this higher safety rating for both the plants they grow, and the home that they love.

3: Effectiveness No matter how cost effective a grow light may be, or how high the safety rating on that light is, a grow light is only worth investing in if it is able to effectively help your plants grow. After all, the entire purpose of a grow light is to allow you to effectively grow plants indoors without the aid of the sun.

This is why I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about the effectiveness of an LED grow light. In recent studies, it has been shown that plants which were grown under an LED grow light grew to be nearly twice as large as plants which were grown under a halogen light.

The results of this study were even more impressive when an LED grow light was compared to a florescent light. In this comparison the LED light was able to produce a yield which was more than 65% greater than that of the florescent light. This high level of effectiveness makes an LED grow light the ideal choice for every indoor gardener who wants to maximize the size of their plants.

Irving Texas Termite Infestation

Residential areas that are surrounded by woods or unused lumber are perfect breeding grounds for termites. Termites work silently and over time can eat through wood and walls. It can take several years for the termites to borrow holes from the ground floor to the upper levels of the home or business.

Many people do not find out about the termites on their property until they swarm through the walls. It is common for responsible home and business owners to have monthly pest control service for common household pests, but no preventative measures in place for other pests. Here are some ways to handle an Irving Texas termite infestation.

Looking around the exterior of the house is one way to see how the termites might by negatively affecting the property. Termites often eat through wooden gates around the exterior of the home. Wooden sheds or storage units may not be structurally sound, due to damage caused by the termites.

Contact a professional to identify the type of termites that are in the home. Ask for a quote on killing the termites. Most companies offer swift service, and are sensitive to the needs of their customers. Swarming termites can be embarrassing when company comes over, and make smaller children extremely uncomfortable.

Many rental tenants will not pay detailed attention to the exterior condition of the home. Contacting the owner of the home when termites are first discovered is extremely important for tenants. Most property managers will work with the owner to see if they will pay for the treatment of termites. Irving Texas termite infestation can bring down the value of the home, if the problem is not corrected in a timely manner. There are affordable payment options for preserving the structural integrity of the building. Use these tips when handling an Irving Texas termite infestation.

Easy Annuals to Grow from Seed

In January we start thinking about the upcoming gardening season and what flowers we would like to see in our flower beds. If you enjoy starting flowers from seeds you are no doubt poring over the latest seed catalogues and gardening sites.

Many annual flowers are easy to start, not requiring any special equipment or expertise on your part. Others are a little trickier and will put you through their paces. Then there are flower seeds that are best planted directly into the ground in the spring, as they highly resent transplanting.

There is no shortage of flower varieties to grow and I’ve chosen a few to suggest that are generally sure to be successful most of the time. These varieties are easy to start from seed and also transplant well into your garden later in the spring. Some are for sunny spots and others are for shade. Most require only average garden soil fertility and average water requirements.


These are early blooming and almost indestructible plants. Traditionally in bright colors of orange yellow and mahogany they are now available in a soft creamy white called ‘Vanilla’. They can be dwarf, medium or tall, have single blooms or large pom pom styled flowers. Marigolds can be directly planted outdoors but you will enjoy earlier flowers if seeded indoors 6 weeks early.


If you want great scent, plant an old fashioned species of nicotiana. With branching sprays of pure white, sweetly perfumed flowers, transplant into a bed close to a sitting area where you can enjoy their evening fragrance.


Pansies are easy to buy as starter plants in the early summer but for greater choice of colors tones and combinations check out the seed packages. Pansies are great for using in pots and deadheading will encourage more blooms. Pansies prefer cooler temperatures and may go slightly dormant in the heat of the summer but will return to bloom again in the fall.

Annual Grass Pennisetum ‘purple majesty’

Commonly known as Millet, this tall plant makes a striking accent plant. At 3 to 4 feet high when mature it produces deep purple foliage, stems and cattail-like plumes. Start indoors 8-10 weeks before planting out.


There are several types of annual salvias to pant, but for excitement try ‘St.John’s Fire’. This salvia is a compact plant which blooms early with bright scarlet red plumes. Quite a show stopper and can be used both in the garden and in containers.

If you are new to seed planting, keep it simple to start to guarantee yourself rewarding results. By starting your annuals by seed you save yourself a lot of money and stretch that gardening budget further. Once you’ve had success with the easier seed types, you can then tackle others that are a little more fussy about their starting conditions.

Tecumseh Lawn Mower Parts

blue moon partsTecumseh is arguably the most reputable name in lawnmowers. Although Tecumseh mowers and mower parts are very reliable, they will still need to be replaced.

If you never maintain your mower than it could have a catastrophic failure which would render your mower as junk. The best way to maintain your Tecumseh mower and to keep it running properly is by ensuring that you only use 100% genuine Tecumseh parts.

There are many cheap imported products from China that are advertised as a replacement for genuine Tecumseh parts; however they often fail to live up the standards and needs of the original equipment manufacturer.

One of the parts often bought cheaply is a replacement blade. Replacement blades for your mower should only be Tecumseh brand or a Tecumseh approved brand. If you buy a cheap generic mower blade from a cheap Chinese import company then you may destroy your mower.

The cheap blades from China are often not balanced correctly. When a mower blade is not properly balanced then it will cause the entire mower to be off-centered when the blade is spinning and it could damage your engine, your blade mount, and even the mower deck.

You probably bought a Tecumseh mower because you wanted a reliable mower that would last for a lot of years. If you treat your Tecumseh mower badly by using cheap parts on it for your annual maintenance then you will basically “trash” the mower.

When you take a brand new Ford pickup and then put cheap parts on it such as rusty doors and air filters using 1970′s designs then you are trashing it and destroying the great reputation it has. Keep your Tecumseh mower and engine running superb by only using Tecumseh approved parts.

The best place to get all of the Tecumseh parts is from Blue Moon Parts. Blue Moon Parts works hard at being a Tecumseh expert. Regardless of how major or minor the part is you need, Blue Moon Parts will be able to get it to you.

Sprinkler Repair in Bartonville

sprinkler repairGreen lawns complete the image of a beautiful home or business. Keep up that luxurious image but keeping the sprinkler system at your home or business working. 1st Choice Sprinklers is the premier business for sprinkler repair in Bartonville.

Having been in the business for eight years, there is not a problem they have not seen and cannot fix. They know the tips to keeping a lawn lush and green – the sprinkler system. Unfortunately, sprinkler systems do not last a lifetime; they need fixing, repairing and updating.

Fortunately for the citizens of Bartonville, 1st Choice Sprinklers are in the area.

One of the common indicators that your sprinkler system needs repairing is pool of water in the lawn. This could mean there is a leak somewhere or that a sprinkler head is giving off too much water for the grass. It may not seem like a problem because grass needs water but too much is bad. It can cause mildew, mold and inhibit the growth of the grass.

Fortunately, 1st Choice Sprinklers can come to the property, assess the issue and fix it. All problems can be reversed – mildew and mold cleaned up while grass can grow back in.

Another indicator that something may be wrong with the sprinkler system is a dry patch. With a proper system, the entire lawn should be getting the water it needs. 1st Choice Sprinkler can easily fix the lack of water. These two indicators can come from a variety of things.

A few of the things 1st Choice Sprinkler fixes are: valve issues, cutoff valves, controller repairs, rain/freeze sensors, wire breaks/shorts, head replacements, pump system repairs, leaks and more. Any problem big or little, they can fix!

On the other hand, things are not always broken when 1st Choice Sprinkler is working on a yard. Often times people choose to renovate the landscape at this business or home. This can mean the owner needs the sprinkler system moved around or expanded.

1st Choice Sprinklers can help make the yard of your dreams. Repairing sprinklers or remodeling the yard does not have to be a bad experience.

Increasing Plants from Cuttings

Plants from Cuttings

Probably the best reason to propagate your plants from cuttings is the assurance that your new plants will be identical to their parents. This is not always the case when propagating from seed. It is not difficult to take plant cuttings and many plants can be easily reproduced in this way.

The best time to take cutting is from mid to late summer. If your shoot is soft and floppy, it is too early to take a cutting. You want to use stems that are semi-ripe, wood that is from this year’s growth that is firm but still flexible. You also want to choose healthy, pest free shoots to cut. They should not be too long between the leaf joints. Avoid any stems that carry a flower or a bud.

If your original plant is grafted onto a different root stalk, never take a cutting from suckers that rise from the base of the plant. This will most likely result in propagation of the root stalk and not your intended plant.

You can purchase a special soil mix for cuttings but better yet make your own. Simply mix equal parts of peat and sharp sand or vermiculite.

  • Cut your stem longer than what you need. You can always trim it later. To protect your stem from wilting place it in a plastic bag right away.
  • When you are ready to make your cutting, cut at an angle just below a node (leaf joint). Always use a clean and sharp knife to prevent infections and unwanted ragged cuts.
  • Ideally your cutting should be around 4-6 inches long, so trim off the rest of the stem just above a leaf.
  • Next remove the unwanted leaves, snip off right against the stem but be careful not to damage the stem itself. Only leave the upper one or pair of leaves.
  • To promote rooting and also help reduce the chance of fungal attack dip the base of your cutting into a rooting medium. This is easily found at garden centers and is not expensive.
  • Fill a small plant pot with your soil mix and using a pencil push 3 or 4 holes into the soil around the edge of the pot. Carefully insert your cuttings into the holes, give the pot a small tap and water gently.
  • Place your pot into a clear plastic bag, and using small sticks or straws keep the plastic away from the leaves. Place in a light, warm location but not in direct sunlight.
  • After several weeks your cuttings will have developed small roots. When roots are well developed you can pot each plant up into its own pot. Transplant very carefully so as not to disturb or damage the new roots.

Heirloom Vegetables to Grow

Most of the vegetables grown today in home gardens are modern hybrids. Vegetable plants have often been hybridized to develop varieties that satisfy the needs of commercial production.

Varieties with thicker skins so they will store longer and travel better or varieties with greater uniform qualities to ensure maturity of the crop all at once for mechanical harvesting. Often the development of these traits has led to the loss of other traits, often the more desirable traits for the consumer.

The new hybrids may look picture perfect but are often lacking in flavor and nutrition.

For home gardening the improved commercial attributes are of much less concern or value. More suited for from garden to table are the old favorites, or heirloom varieties. These older vegetable varieties are usually more flavorful, more nutritious and they produce slowly over a longer period of time which is advantageous to the home gardener.

Heirloom plants may be the original species of a plant, the same plant that you would find in the wild or a wild plant that has been naturalized. However most of what we call heirloom plants are actually old garden crops that have been selected over the years for their desirable traits and have been passed down from generation to generation of gardeners. As well they might be old hybrids that do not reproduce true from seed and so must be re-purchased each season.

As plants have developed over time, adapting slowly to the different growing conditions and climates of each unique area, their value has increased due to their uniqueness and diversity, they represent an enormous gene pool.

Commercial crops on the other hand have a very small gene pool, one that continues to shrink, leading us all down a very slippery slope. When you grow, save and trade heirloom seeds, you are helping to preserve the natural genetic pool vital to future production.

When selecting seeds for your vegetable garden you will notice that most suppliers now have a section devoted to heirloom varieties. Another great source is Seedy Saturdays, a well organized selling and exchange day in many communities each spring. Of course sharing between family and friends often introduces us to some of the better choices. Below is a shortlist of a few you might want to try.


Brandywine / Earliana / Red Cherry / Ponderosa


Mescher / Iceberg / Lolla Rossa / Four Seasons


Straight Eight / Boston Pickling / Lemon


Long Red Cayenne / Tabasco


Kentucky Wonder / Scarlet Runner / White Dutch Runner


Early Scarlet Horn / Nantes / Oxheart


Detroit Dark Red / Bull’s Blood / Golden


Little Marvel / Alaska / Alderman


Red Russian / Green Scotch Curled


Milano Black / True Hubbard / Delicata / Yellow Crookneck


Red Wethersfield / Yellow Globe Danvers / Ailsa Craig

Start your search now for these and other heirloom vegetable seeds and you’ll be ready to go come the first warm days of spring.

Lawn Care the Green Way

organic lawn careMost of us appreciate a nice patch of green grass but lately the sacred lawn has been getting a bad rap. Traditionally the lawn has been a water guzzler and a chemical hog. You can however practice organic lawn care methods so that your piece of green is more friendly to the environment.

Water is necessary for a lush, thick green lawn. Many gardeners though tend to over water their lawns or water improperly. Spring usually has enough rain to sustain your lawn so watering should not have to begin until the heat of summer.

When you do water, water deeply and less often. Your grass will develop a deep root system and be able to access moisture more effectively. Once a week should be sufficient, allowing your lawn 1 inch of water.

If you have an automatic system put it in manual mode so you can better control your water usage. Watering lightly and often is not effective. Should you enter a season of serious drought stop watering your grass all together. It will go dormant and turn brown, but once temperatures cool and rain returns your grass will green up again.

Make a point to water in the morning or evening to reduce loss of water through evaporation. If you have clay soil stop watering as soon as water starts to pool or run off the lawn. Since sandy soils drain so easily, they will require more watering.

Healthy lawns need fertilizer. Nitrogen keeps the lawn green, phosphorous helps to make a healthy root system and potassium builds hardiness. In spring when the lawn has dried out from winter moisture, fertilize your grass with an organic-based slow release nitrogen grass food, a pure organic fertilizer, or homemade compost. If your lawn is thin add grass seed to the mixture to help thicken it.

If you garden on sandy soil there is not much point in aerating your lawn. However clay soil tends to compact and aeration will benefit your lawn about every 3 years. An aerator will loosen up the ground so nutrients and water can more efficiently reach the roots. When using an aerator make sure the soil is moist and leave the plugs on the lawn to break down.

lawn careWhen mowing your lawn do not cut it too short. Longer grass has deeper roots to collect moisture. Keep your blades set high to keep the grass about 21/2 inches tall. This protects grass roots from drying out and crowds out the weeds.

If your mower has a mulching option this is the best. The grass clippings are chopped and returned to the soil where they eventually release nitrogen. Always leave the grass clippings on the lawn, there is no need to rake them off.

Maintain your mower by keeping the blades sharp and servicing the motor. For small lawns try using a manual mower and completely rid yourself of noise and air pollution.

Refrain from using any herbicides. If your lawn is kept healthy there will be less room for weeds to enter. If a few large weeds become an issue, remove them manually.

In late fall give your grass a final cut to about 2 inches high. Leaving your lawn long will encourage disease, insects and mice over the winter.

Why You Should Choose an AYP Air Cleaner for Pollutant-Free Air

If you are worried about having pollutant-free air in your home or office and are looking to buy a good air cleaner, you can’t go wrong with an AYP air cleaner. Not only are they one of the best brands on the market but, if you purchase one online, you can also often find them at surprisingly inexpensive prices.

Nowadays, with so many pollutants in the air, people worry about what they and their children are breathing in. Most air cleaners can help take away some of the worry and provide you with cleaner air as well as cut your exposure to potentially harmful pollutants and carcinogens.

With an AYP air cleaner, however, you will find they deal with just about any indoor pollutant and can cut your exposure to them far easier. If cigarette or pipe smoke is a problem,for instance, an AYP air cleaner can eliminate the harmful effects.

Dust, certain gaseous pollutants and pesticides can also be eliminated with the use of an AYP air cleaner. Pollutants are filtered through a ionization section that traps the pollutants and prevents them from being released into the air.

The filter also stops them from being deposited onto curtains, carpets, furniture and other home furnishings. While you may think buying an AYP air cleaner will be expensive, you may be surprised to discover it’s not.

If you order one online in particular, you could be shocked to discover the price you pay will be no more expensive than an air filter that is inferior in quality or in function.

blue moon partsOne of the best companies to buy an AYP air cleaner from is Blue Moon Parts. Located in Midland, Texas they can deliver to anyone in the general Texas area as well as ship to anywhere in the country.

As they offer low prices and an inexpensive mail service, plus guarantee same-day shipping if you order before mid-afternoon, you could end up with the air cleaner you need within 24 hours.

They also have one of the largest warehouses in the country for these types of orders and, as they are solely Internet-based, they will often carry parts no other similar company has.