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High Quality Troybilt Lawn Parts and Equipment

TroyBilt has been manufacturing the greatest and latest in lawn and garden care since 1937. It all began with the introduction of the very first garden rototiller in the United States. It was considered to be a revolutionary tool to enthusiastic gardeners everywhere. Since that time the company has continued to create and build the highest quality in TroyBilt lawn parts and outdoor power equipment.

Since the time of the release of the first rototiller, TroyBilt has expanded into the lawn and garden care market selling lawn mowers, tillers, cultivators, trimmers, edgers, and much much more. For this great variety of equipment made by the company there is also a large need for Troybilt lawn parts custom made for the proper machine.

Finding and getting a part is relatively easy. TroyBilt dealers can order in a part for a customer if it is not in stock or the buyer can simply choose to buy it directly from the website. The website offers the ability to search for the correct part by both description of the part and by the part number.

As a popular outdoor power equipment manufacturer, TroyBilt works to provide their customers with the best information available on the market. This includes repair manuals so that mechanics and do-it-yourself repairmen can properly install or remove a part for repairing of the equipment.

Additionally, on the company website there are also videos explaining tips and advice for using equipment properly. There are stories and testimonials provided by customers to back up the claim of the TroyBilt brand that they produce some of the greatest products for gardening and ensuring a well cared for yard.

For spring, summer, fall, or winter, TroyBilt manufactures the right outdoor equipment for all seasons of the year. From mowing the lawn to cleaning up snow, TroyBilt provides its customers with nothing less than the best.

3 Reasons You Should Switch To A LED Grow Light

While many people who are new to indoor gardening are already making the choice to use an LED grow light in their garden, veteran gardeners have been much more reluctant to make this switch. In many cases this reluctance is simply due to the fact that these gardeners have become accustom to using more traditional types of grow lights. Unfortunately, this fear of stepping outside their comfort zone is preventing many of these gardeners from enjoying the many benefits which LED grow lights have to offer.

This is why I wanted to take a few minutes to clear up some of the confusion which some of these veteran gardeners may be experiencing in regards to these grow lights by offering you three of the top reasons why you should switch to a LED grow light for your indoor garden. Reason

1: Cost Efficiency An LED grow light is by far the most cost effective type of grow light that you can use in your indoor garden. In addition to the low purchase price of these lights, LED lights also use a minimal amount of electricity in order to operate properly. This means that you will be able to expect considerably smaller electric bills each and every month after making the switch to an LED light.

In fact, most gardeners find that the energy savings that these lights are able to offer easily pays for the light itself in just a matter of a few short months.As a result, many indoor gardeners have been able to expand their gardens due to the much lower cost of maintaining them. Reason

2: Safety Safety is the number one concern of virtually every indoor gardener. This means not only ensuring that your plants are safe, but that your indoor gardening equipment does not pose any risk to your house as a whole. Since an LED grow light burns at a much lower temperature than other grow lights, this type of grow light is able to offer you a much higher safety rating than any other grow light on the market today.

Not only do these lights pose a much lower risk of burns to your plants, but they will also all but eliminate the risk of fire within your home. This type of additional safety is something which you simply can not put a price tag on. In fact, many indoor gardeners have chosen to invest in new grow lights simply to be able to take advantage of this higher safety rating for both the plants they grow, and the home that they love.

3: Effectiveness No matter how cost effective a grow light may be, or how high the safety rating on that light is, a grow light is only worth investing in if it is able to effectively help your plants grow. After all, the entire purpose of a grow light is to allow you to effectively grow plants indoors without the aid of the sun.

This is why I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about the effectiveness of an LED grow light. In recent studies, it has been shown that plants which were grown under an LED grow light grew to be nearly twice as large as plants which were grown under a halogen light.

The results of this study were even more impressive when an LED grow light was compared to a florescent light. In this comparison the LED light was able to produce a yield which was more than 65% greater than that of the florescent light. This high level of effectiveness makes an LED grow light the ideal choice for every indoor gardener who wants to maximize the size of their plants.

Tecumseh Lawn Mower Parts

blue moon partsTecumseh is arguably the most reputable name in lawnmowers. Although Tecumseh mowers and mower parts are very reliable, they will still need to be replaced.

If you never maintain your mower than it could have a catastrophic failure which would render your mower as junk. The best way to maintain your Tecumseh mower and to keep it running properly is by ensuring that you only use 100% genuine Tecumseh parts.

There are many cheap imported products from China that are advertised as a replacement for genuine Tecumseh parts; however they often fail to live up the standards and needs of the original equipment manufacturer.

One of the parts often bought cheaply is a replacement blade. Replacement blades for your mower should only be Tecumseh brand or a Tecumseh approved brand. If you buy a cheap generic mower blade from a cheap Chinese import company then you may destroy your mower.

The cheap blades from China are often not balanced correctly. When a mower blade is not properly balanced then it will cause the entire mower to be off-centered when the blade is spinning and it could damage your engine, your blade mount, and even the mower deck.

You probably bought a Tecumseh mower because you wanted a reliable mower that would last for a lot of years. If you treat your Tecumseh mower badly by using cheap parts on it for your annual maintenance then you will basically “trash” the mower.

When you take a brand new Ford pickup and then put cheap parts on it such as rusty doors and air filters using 1970′s designs then you are trashing it and destroying the great reputation it has. Keep your Tecumseh mower and engine running superb by only using Tecumseh approved parts.

The best place to get all of the Tecumseh parts is from Blue Moon Parts. Blue Moon Parts works hard at being a Tecumseh expert. Regardless of how major or minor the part is you need, Blue Moon Parts will be able to get it to you.

Sprinkler Repair in Bartonville

sprinkler repairGreen lawns complete the image of a beautiful home or business. Keep up that luxurious image but keeping the sprinkler system at your home or business working. 1st Choice Sprinklers is the premier business for sprinkler repair in Bartonville.

Having been in the business for eight years, there is not a problem they have not seen and cannot fix. They know the tips to keeping a lawn lush and green – the sprinkler system. Unfortunately, sprinkler systems do not last a lifetime; they need fixing, repairing and updating.

Fortunately for the citizens of Bartonville, 1st Choice Sprinklers are in the area.

One of the common indicators that your sprinkler system needs repairing is pool of water in the lawn. This could mean there is a leak somewhere or that a sprinkler head is giving off too much water for the grass. It may not seem like a problem because grass needs water but too much is bad. It can cause mildew, mold and inhibit the growth of the grass.

Fortunately, 1st Choice Sprinklers can come to the property, assess the issue and fix it. All problems can be reversed – mildew and mold cleaned up while grass can grow back in.

Another indicator that something may be wrong with the sprinkler system is a dry patch. With a proper system, the entire lawn should be getting the water it needs. 1st Choice Sprinkler can easily fix the lack of water. These two indicators can come from a variety of things.

A few of the things 1st Choice Sprinkler fixes are: valve issues, cutoff valves, controller repairs, rain/freeze sensors, wire breaks/shorts, head replacements, pump system repairs, leaks and more. Any problem big or little, they can fix!

On the other hand, things are not always broken when 1st Choice Sprinkler is working on a yard. Often times people choose to renovate the landscape at this business or home. This can mean the owner needs the sprinkler system moved around or expanded.

1st Choice Sprinklers can help make the yard of your dreams. Repairing sprinklers or remodeling the yard does not have to be a bad experience.

How to Get Back Flow Prevention Repair University Park

One of the problems of living in Texas, especially in the hot summers, is the need to keep watering your lawn and flower beds. While this can be great for a green lawn it can be incredibly damaging to your home’s foundations, especially if your sprinkler system has sprung a leak.

That’s why, if you suspect your sprinkler system may be damaged, you need to get back flow prevention repair University Park so the damage it may cause is minimal.

Having sprinklers fitted underneath the lawn and soil in your yard is a great way to decrease the work it takes to water a garden. Once installed, all you need to do is set the timer so it comes on at specific times, or remember to turn it on manually.

The problem comes in, however, when underground pipes and sprinklers move because of soil erosion or when pipe valves get damaged. At that point, water can begin to escape a sprinkler system and pool around and beneath your home. If not taken care of quickly, the damage that can cause is massive.

If you suspect you have a leaking sprinkler problem, look for a company that has been providing sprinkler repair services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a few years. You need to hire a firm that deals with leak detection and sprinkler and valve repair, and can install new pipes or sprinklers if needed.

If you detect a serious flooding problem late at night, you will also want to find a local company that provides 24-hour emergency service. Back flow prevention repair University Park can fix many of these types of problems and prevent them from happening again, but not if you leave it too late to call.

One company that is known around the Dallas/Fort Worth area for their exceptional service, sprinkler installation and repair is a company called 1st Choice Sprinklers. They are located in Dallas itself but are happy to work with customers from all over Dallas County. They also provide service for any type of sprinkler system you may own, so no job is beyond them.

Blue Moon Parts

blue moon partsBlue Moon Parts is the best place to go for 24/7 access to thousands of parts for all of the major brand of lawn equipment, and everything else you need to maintain your equipment and keep them out there making money for you.

From carburetors to fuel injector cleaner, to replacement trailer ramps to mower lifts, you’ll find everything you need right here.Based in western Texas, Blue Moon Parts can get your parts to you anywhere in the south by the next day, and the rest of the country in two days.

Use their simple-to-operate OEM part look up to find the exact part you need, for your exact model of mower, tractor, weed eater, or other equipment. It works just like the folders on your computer that you use every day. Expand folders on your way down until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Blue Moon Parts’ legendary service is always there for you to answer your trickiest questions quickly, accurately, and with all the knowledge they need to ensure you get the right part as soon as possible. They can be reached on the phone, via email, and even through a live chat with one of their knowledgeable representatives.

Not sure what you need to do with the part once you get it to your door? Blue Moon Parts can help you with that, too! Their easy to navigate site also includes tips and DIY advice for how to repair your equipment and get it back in working order.

Their advice covers everything from basic lawn care, blade care, to picking out just the right gaskets, and even shows testimonials from happy, satisfied customers from all over the country.

Blue Moon Parts is prepared to meet your every need for your lawn care equipment. You can find them at

The Best Tools for Lawn Maintenance

When springtime starts to bring life back to your lawn, homeowners begin thinking about the best way to encourage new growth and maintain the outdoor space so that it’s attractive and well-kept.

You’ll need the right tools to do the job, and most people simply think of a lawn mower, when sizing up their needs. But a great lawn is more than just trimming the grass and weeds – it’s about nourishing the soil and seedlings so that your lawn has a beautiful green hue and is void of any invasive plants that choke out new growth.

Before you get started planting and nurturing, you’ll want to make sure you have the right watering system in place. Some homeowners spend a small fortune having an automated sprinkler system installed.

This is great if you can afford it. If not, you can still get the same results by investing in sprinklers that you set with timers. Another option is the manual on/off sprinklers you can buy. Some hoses will have a single spout, but there are those that help you with a larger area by having multiple spouts to spray the water over the lawn.

Lawn fertilizer is necessary if your soil isn’t up to par. You have a wide variety of options here. There are organic fertilizers or synthetic ones. Some release the nitrogen slowly, while others have a fast release.

You can distribute the fertilizer across your lawn using a broadcast spreader. Some people do it using other methods, including by hand. It might depend on how large your lawn is when you decide how to apply your fertilizer.

Sod or seed will be the next question you have to answer. You can buy seeds that get planted or broadcast across the soil and grow individually. Or, you can invest in sod, which are little plots of readymade lawn that you put down and watch take root on your soil.

Sod offers a sort of instant lawn. It’s far more expensive than seeded lawns. If you’re on a tight budget, then you might want to take the longer route and go with the seeding process.

A lawn aerator tool will be necessary to keep your lawn looking healthy. It helps your lawn get water to the roots, so they can grow strong and fight against disease. You can hire a professional to aerate your lawn, rent or buy a tool, or even use spike shoes that you wear while walking on your lawn. All have different levels of effectiveness.

Once your lawn is prepared, you’ll want to look at all of your weed killer options. Some are organic and some are not as eco-friendly. There are many types of lawn grass that fight against weeds, but some are more vulnerable than others.

Once your lawn seed or sod is in the ground, you’ll want to keep it looking beautiful as it grows and flourishes with the right lawn mower. There are all sorts of mowers on the market – from riding lawn mowers to push mowers. Some are electric, some use gas, and some even use the manual strength you have to offer.

Start by figuring out which type of lawn grass you want and then work your way backwards to determine which tools you need to help it go from seedling to plush lawn in the shortest amount of time possible.

Great Gardening Gifts Suitable for Experts or Beginners

Home gardeners like to get gifts, and whether they are beginners or perhaps even experts now is the best time to find that special gift. Special occasions provide us the opportunity to find the present they’ll recall for years to come. And once summer eventually comes they could put their gift item to good use.

You could get inspiration from a number of places such as garden supply depots, magazines as well as some excellent internet websites offering a multitude of tips. Have a look at a few of these gift ideas for gardeners to get you started.

Handy Garden Products

Most gardening stores will have a wide variety of functional garden tools and accessories. With regard to the beginner a variety of handy tools could be the best choice. Kneeling pads, gloves and even watering equipment are normally well received gift items. For the more knowledgeable gardener have a look at selecting plants and flowers or even seeds of uncommon species they may not have looked at previously.

Your nearby plant supplier could give you advice on this idea; ask about something that is quite different or the latest hot plant. If you’re unsure of suitable plants to purchase – a gift card is obviously a possibility and can also be made use of for almost any purchase, not just plants.

What About a Gift Basket?

These could be bought pre bundled or you might go a step farther and buy your own items to stock it using your own ideas as the products. You will have the ability pick out from several items and never wind up being tied to the single retail outlet. When considering a beginner you might choose seeds, bulbs, planting pots, fertilizer and so much more. With the more established garden enthusiast, some may really like detailed instruction books, solar power equipment or even outdoor sculptures. The only constraint will be your imagination, and maybe your financial budget.

Gardening Books for All

Who really doesn’t love to receive a book? The majority of home gardeners refer to books and guides to get helpful hints, inspiration and authority guidance to be able to look after their landscapes. The majority of booksellers will carry a sizable collection of horticultural books; your options seem to be never-ending.

Perhaps you might buy an eBook about landscape design for anybody starting out or for someone who has moved home recently. Specialized guides can offer suggestions about a specific matter, like for example, a list of plants and flowers to cultivate in a particular topsoil type or climate. Other popular subjects include – flowers for the water pool, which specific outdoor and indoor plants may lure insect life and bugs?

Specialized books should be fantastic resources, perfect for pretty much all levels of home gardeners. Large book shops will have a whole section dedicated to gardeners and gardening.

Busy Gardener Hints

Time saving gifts can be fantastic ideas for home gardeners plus a fantastic way to increase the time they have to enjoy their gardens. Have a look at an automated water system or maybe slow release nutrient sticks that will allow any garden enthusiast the time to experience the fruits of his labor. Things like these can of course be used if they are having a long vacation. And what about a suitable patio chair when it is time for them to take a rest.

A Little Something Unusual

Want to give some thing much more out of the ordinary? A tropical flower such as an orchid or even a cactus can be a great gift idea, if somewhat prickly. The old garden gnome is also making a comeback right now in ever more wonderful themes – great for a little entertainment in the garden. Come up with organic and natural products like bird boxes and bird baths, they can heighten any kind of garden experience and could be appreciated for quite some time to come.

Always try to add a personal element to any gardening gifts you choose to buy.  By using a bit of thought and imagination, it will be easy for you to find a great gift for any gardener – novice or expert. Stop and think before buying the first idea that comes to mind and you might get something a little bit special.

Gardening Tools and Supplies

Gardening Tools for the Best Start in Your Home Garden

If you are a seasoned gardener it is very likely that you will have a shed full handy (and perhaps not so handy!) gardening tools that you have accumulated along the way. However, if you are just entering into the wonderful world of home gardening and need to buy gardening tools, then making the right choices is not as simple as it may seem.

There are always new tools which come out at the start of every garden season. Some are just fads and soon disappear. On the other hand some have been designed by experienced gardeners who have seen the need and created a tool to make every gardener’s life easier.

So what should be on the list of gardening tools that form the basis of an essential collection? Initially, it is always best to start with hand tools and avoid power tools wherever possible as they are quite expensive and are well-known contributors to environmental pollution – not to mention the noise factor! So ‘going low tech and lovin’ it’ is the motto here!

The next point to note is that you should never consider buying cheap tools as it is a false economy. They are inferior in design and inevitably break after a being used for just a few times. There is no substitute for quality and well designed, durable tools will stand the test of time.

With these things in mind the following list provides a good selection for getting started.

• shovel
• spade
• fork
• rake
• trowel
• sprayer
• wheelbarrow
• watering can
• garden gloves

The shovel and spade are often referred to as the same implement in some stores but shovels are usually larger and used for scooping up materials such as light soils and sand while spades are for digging. Look for implements with ”D” shaped handles as this design makes for easier lifting. Look for a sharp edge for easier digging.

A garden fork may not be essential and you may be able to make do with a spade, for your digging, depending on your soil. A garden rake will be needed to smooth the soil in the garden beds and a metal one is a better choice than a plastic or wooden one for durability. Check that the handle is firmly secured and that there are no loose parts.

A trowel or hand spade will be needed for the most enjoyable task of planting your garden plants. Check that the handle is well-secured and that it feels comfortable in your hand.

The trusty wheelbarrow is an indispensable item that you will rely on for so many duties in the garden.  This faithful work horse needs to be particularly sturdy and well-made to cope with its many jobs.

Your watering can is needed for all the jobs that can’t be achieved with the hose. Make sure it is comfortable to carry when full – you will find that a 2 gallon size is usually the most practical.

Finally, outlaying for some good quality leather gardening gloves is a great investment. You will find that they are strong enough to take all the tough assignments while being extremely supple and comfortable to wear.

If you are able to assemble these tools reasonably quickly you will be off to a great start and then you can gradually add to your collection as the need arises for each special purpose.

Another gardening ‘tool’ which is often overlooked on lists but should definitely be mentioned is the inspiration to be gained from good gardening books. Through books we can get ideas and motivation for our hobby, learn from others and maybe avoid some of the pitfalls and common problems faced by other gardeners. Good gardening books are an added pleasure for every gardener to enjoy.