How to Build a Compost Bin Out of Chicken Wire

How to Build a Compost Bin


how to build a compost bin

Homemade Compost Bin

Well, I’ve decided to landscape my yard, and build a vegetable garden along with some flower gardens. I’ve never done either before, so after reading up on several gardening websites, I figured the first thing I needed to do was to create a soil factory, and step one would be building a compost bin to compost my yard leaves and kitchen scraps and turn them into soil and fertilizer.

I read all sorts of elaborate plans on how to make a homemade compost bin, and found that making one out of chicken wire looked the simplest and least expensive. I’m no handyman, so simple is what I needed.

I got everything I needed at a Home Depot store for about $35.00 to make 2 nice size compost bins, (four feet high and about four feet across) :

1 – 25’ roll of 48” chicken wire – $24.47
4 – ½” X 5’ rebar (steel rods) – $8.00
1 – ball of hemp twine – $.99

You will need something to cut the chicken wire. I read that an old pair of scissors will do it with some effort, but that did not sound like a good plan to me. I borrowed a pair of tin snips from a neighbor and they cut right through the chicken wire real easy.

How I Made the Compost Bins

The first thing you need to do is unroll the chicken wire. This is a project in itself, as it keeps wanting to roll back up. I suggest getting someone to help you with this, but I did it by myself.

What I did was, I took one end of the roll of chicken wire and sort of hooked it to the top of the chain link fence in my yard to hold one end of it, then rolled it out across the yard and laid some boards and bricks on the other end of the roll of chicken wire.

I let it lay out there a couple of days hoping it would not keep wanting to roll back up, because I didn’t want to have to find someone to help me for some reason, lol. Anyway, it may of helped some, but the stuff still wanted to roll back up.

Next step, I measured off 12 feet (about half the roll) and cut it in half there with the tin snips. I then had two 12 foot rolled up sections of chicken wire, that was a little easier to work with.

I stood up a section of it, and got the two ends of a section together and tied the ends together in about 6 or 7 places with the twine.

(I wanted to use the brown hemp twine instead of wire or plastic ties so that when I wanted to open up the compost bin later on, I could just cut the twine with scissors and it could fall into the pile and compost itself, instead of me ending up with wire or plastic in the heap.)

Next, I stood my circle of chicken wire up, and put one of the rebar rods inside of it and pounded it into the ground with a hammer until it was in there deep enough to be secure enough to hold the chicken wire. Then I kind of stretched out the chicken wire and pounded in three more rebar rods so that I ended up with 4 rebar rods spaced out inside of the chicken wire to make it stable.

That’s it, and here’s a picture of my finished compost bin -homemade compost bin

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