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Gardening Tools for the Best Start in Your Home Garden

If you are a seasoned gardener it is very likely that you will have a shed full handy (and perhaps not so handy!) gardening tools that you have accumulated along the way. However, if you are just entering into the wonderful world of home gardening and need to buy gardening tools, then making the right choices is not as simple as it may seem.

There are always new tools which come out at the start of every garden season. Some are just fads and soon disappear. On the other hand some have been designed by experienced gardeners who have seen the need and created a tool to make every gardener’s life easier.

So what should be on the list of gardening tools that form the basis of an essential collection? Initially, it is always best to start with hand tools and avoid power tools wherever possible as they are quite expensive and are well-known contributors to environmental pollution – not to mention the noise factor! So ‘going low tech and lovin’ it’ is the motto here!

The next point to note is that you should never consider buying cheap tools as it is a false economy. They are inferior in design and inevitably break after a being used for just a few times. There is no substitute for quality and well designed, durable tools will stand the test of time.

With these things in mind the following list provides a good selection for getting started.

• shovel
• spade
• fork
• rake
• trowel
• sprayer
• wheelbarrow
• watering can
• garden gloves

The shovel and spade are often referred to as the same implement in some stores but shovels are usually larger and used for scooping up materials such as light soils and sand while spades are for digging. Look for implements with ”D” shaped handles as this design makes for easier lifting. Look for a sharp edge for easier digging.

A garden fork may not be essential and you may be able to make do with a spade, for your digging, depending on your soil. A garden rake will be needed to smooth the soil in the garden beds and a metal one is a better choice than a plastic or wooden one for durability. Check that the handle is firmly secured and that there are no loose parts.

A trowel or hand spade will be needed for the most enjoyable task of planting your garden plants. Check that the handle is well-secured and that it feels comfortable in your hand.

The trusty wheelbarrow is an indispensable item that you will rely on for so many duties in the garden.  This faithful work horse needs to be particularly sturdy and well-made to cope with its many jobs.

Your watering can is needed for all the jobs that can’t be achieved with the hose. Make sure it is comfortable to carry when full – you will find that a 2 gallon size is usually the most practical.

Finally, outlaying for some good quality leather gardening gloves is a great investment. You will find that they are strong enough to take all the tough assignments while being extremely supple and comfortable to wear.

If you are able to assemble these tools reasonably quickly you will be off to a great start and then you can gradually add to your collection as the need arises for each special purpose.

Another gardening ‘tool’ which is often overlooked on lists but should definitely be mentioned is the inspiration to be gained from good gardening books. Through books we can get ideas and motivation for our hobby, learn from others and maybe avoid some of the pitfalls and common problems faced by other gardeners. Good gardening books are an added pleasure for every gardener to enjoy.